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Haste minor bugfix release

Version of the Haste compiler is now available both on Hackage and as binaries from!

Being a point release, doesn’t bring any new features whatsoever. It does, however, bring a few small compatibility enhancements, which may have a disproportionately large impact.

Pre-installed hashable

The hashable package is a major pain point for Haste users: a lot of packages depend on it, but Haste’s slightly different implementation of integer-gmp breaks it unless installed with the -f-integer-gmp flag. Needless to say, it’s not exactly obvious that adding this flag makes the package install without a hitch, especially not when hashable is just some package in the line of dependencies that frustratingly refuses to install.

Well, no longer. hashable is now installed as part of the booting process, and kept firmly in place by a dependency in haste-lib. While not a perfect solution - that would be improving Haste’s integer-gmp - this change will likely make the lives of Haste users quite a lot easier.

Better QuickCheck support

If you’ve tried to use QuickCheck with Haste previously, you know that it can be quite fiddly: the latest version doesn’t build due to a C implementation of the Threefish block cipher, older versions don’t build due to AMP, and if you actually manage to get it installed, you will get a baffling runtime error unless you turn off the chatty option.

Thankfully these issues are all resolved with this release. Haste’s implementation of I/O handles has been fixed to avoid breaking applications that use terminal-specific I/O, which fixes the runtime error, and a patch that fixes the QuickCheck’s build issues on Haste has been merged and will probably land in the next QuickCheck release pretty soon. In the meantime, you can get the patched version from GitHub.

In summary, solutions to the compatibility issues outlined in the 0.5.4 announcement are still going to be a while in the making, but this release may perhaps make the wait for that 0.6 release slightly more bearable.