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1,000 stars on GitHub: Haste in numbers

Today, Haste reached 1,000 stars on GitHub. A small star for one person, but a large, nicely round number for Haste. To mark the occasion, here’s a bunch of random Haste-related numbers.

  • 1,000 stars on GitHub, making Haste the 19th most starred Haskell project
  • 38 contributors, with a total of 1,631 commits
  • 31 official releases starting with version 0.2 in July 2013
  • Est. > 15,000 downloads
  • Used in three courses at Chalmers, plus two BSc and two MSc theses
  • 6,884 lines of Haskell (ghc-simple + compiler)
  • Plus an additional 6,302 lines of Haskell (haste-lib)
  • And 7,495 lines of JavaScript

Wow, so code, much downloads!