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Installing the Haste compiler

From pre-built packages

The easiest way to install Haste is to use our pre-booted binary packages of Haste These packages require a 64 bit OS and a somewhat recent (GHC 7.6+) version of GHC installed and visible on your $PATH. The installed GHC version does not need to correspond to the version of GHC used to build Haste, however. Get the latest Haskell Platform and the Haste package for your system and you’re good to go.

There are also binaries available for older versions: GHC 7.6-based (only 0.4 branch), GHC 7.8-based (0.5.0 and earlier), GHC 7.10-based ( and earlier).

From Hackage

The second easiest way to get Haste is to install it from Hackage. Make sure you have a recent version of the Haskell Platform installed, then run the following in a terminal:

$ cabal update
$ cabal install haste-compiler
$ haste-boot

If you get an error about haste-boot not being found, you will need to add ~/.cabal/bin to your $PATH. If you are unsure about how to do this, please consult your OS documentation Google.

If you get errors about strip or about library files not being found, please check that your ~/.cabal/config does not contain the line shared: True. In general, it is highly recommended that you use the default cabal configuration when booting Haste or installing packages with haste-cabal.

From GitHub

Another possibility is to install a development version of Haste from GitHub. This requires you to have the Haskell Platform installed, as well as Git.

$ git clone
$ cd haste-compiler
$ cabal install
$ haste-boot --local

For more detailed instructions on installing Haste from source, please refer to the building guide.

Installing Haste.App

To install Haste.App, the part of Haste that lets you write distributed web applications, first install the Haste compiler as described above, as well as a Haskell Platform based on GHC 7.10.

Then, simply install the bundled haste-lib and haste-prim libraries for vanilla GHC, and haste-app itself for vanilla GHC as well as for Haste.

$ cabal update && haste-cabal update
$ cabal install haste-app && haste-cabal install haste-app